My first workshop.

Hi everybody!

This week I'd like to tell you about a first for me. This past November  20th I had the pleasure of hosting and teaching my first ever workshop! The workshop was a one day class on using small flash with modifiers in a portrait studio setting.

I had nine attendees at the SIAST Regina campus where I rented a classroom for the day. While there my students learned everything from how to use small flash and all the gear that goes with it. After that they were shown how to the use the light to properly light their subjects and make them look their best. At the conclusion of the workshop I had two hours set aside for my students to put their new found skills to work.

Putting on the workshop was both a gratifying experience and at the same time an eye opener. For starters I had no idea how much research and planning goes into organizing a workshop. To teach someone a subject that you yourself understand and find perfectly logical is completely different when you are talking to someone who knows nothing about the subject.

Thankfully while going through a dry run of the seminar with my brother he suggested that I slow down and go everything point by point. He also suggested that i not get ahead of myself. Turns out it was great advice and for that I was grateful.

Another pleasant surprise was something I had heard many times over. The more you teach the more you in turn learn. By teaching raw beginners on the subject and going over all the material I prepared step by step made me a better portrait photographer and gave me a great sense of accomplishment. Not to mention the people who attended were all great and we all had a fun time as a group.

I have included a few of my images from the workshop along with a few images from some of my students.

Be sure to come back next Monday and I'll have a new blog post for you and don't forget to come back new year's day and check out a blog post in which I'll be showing some of my favorite images from 2011.

Don't forget there is only six shopping days till Christmas. Yikes! If you haven't started your shopping what are you waiting for?

Take care and I hope to see you next week.