A chance encounter with the Bong Man a.k.a. "The Bonger".

Yesterday morning I went out with my brother to do some street photography in downtown Regina. We decided to head over the Scarth Street mall. While there was not a lot of action happening that morning we did happen to see a lone man sitting by himself on a bench.

At first we ignored him but as the minutes wore on we couldn't help but walk over to him to grab a few shots. After making eye contact he said hello and appeared to by quite friendly. He made a bit of small talk and brought up the topic of radio. More specifically he asked which radio station we listened to. I replied CJME and he asked if we ever listen to "the Wolf". "Sure" we replied. Then came the crazy revelation. He asked us if we have ever heard the "Bong Man" call in. Then it clicked just as he announced loudly. "I'm the Bog Man"! We had a good laugh and what he said was true. This was the Bonger!Just some stoner sounding guy who calls at different times of the day to 104.9 the Wolf. Truth be told he is kind of entertaining to listen to when he calls the weekday morning show.

We had spent about a half an hour or so talking to the Bong Man and during that time we found out some interesting things about him. He claims he is from Missoula Montana and he served in the Vietnam War where he experimented with hard drugs. At some point he came to Canada though I'm not sure of the time line. The hard drugs "messed him up" as he put it and that's why he cannot work any more. So when "the welfare check runs out" as he put it he asks for money on the street. I was also informed that he has a wife that he says he very much loves and he has a son in his late twenties.

No matter how much I was tempted to judge him I did not. I found him to be a honest guy and interesting to talk to. I gave him a five dollar bill for his trouble and in return he gave me permission to take some photographs of him for which I was grateful. I think I may keep an eye out for the Bonger the next time I go downtown to shoot.

Take care Bong Man. You're a hoot to talk to!