The demise of a fun and useful photo editing tool.

This morning I awoke to an email in my inbox with the header “Announcement: Picknik is closing”. So what is Picknik? It is an online photo editing tool that comes in two flavors. A free account and a “pro” account. The later gives you access to more tools, templates, ect.
Picknik began as a small start up almost five years ago as a way for the average person to edit photos in a no nonsense, easy and fun fashion. Due to it’s popularity it was acquired by Google in 2010 and as of April 19th  2012 it will be part of Google+ which is their answer to facebook. The general consensus in the online forums is the online app will be stripped down and rendered almost useless. Personally I tend to agree. So why the rant?

I for one will miss the fun easy features of the online app. Although I rarely use Picknik there is the odd time when it was a very useful tool. Yes I can duplicate any feature of the app in the far more powerful photoshop but why? Picknik was quick and easy. Not to mention the average user of the software likely has little or no photoshop skills. It just seems sad to me and I’m not alone in saying Picknik will be missed.

Come back next Sunday and ‘ll have a fresh blog post for you. For now I’ll put my soapbox away. :)

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The image that accompanies this blog post is an example of how I used Picknik. To reiterate Photoshop can do everything Picknik can blindfolded but for ease of use it was hard to beat!