Saying thanks to my "in house talent"

On Saturday I presented my small flash portrait workshop to the great people at Group Of Ten photo club based out of Limerick SK. (I'll have a separate blog post on that experience in the coming weeks). But today I'd like to give a shout out to my kids whom are very cooperative with me and allow me to keep my photography and lighting skills sharp when I have down time. I used them extensively in preparing for the Limerick workshop for examples in my PowerPoint presentation. (By that I mean I took some new photos to insert in the presentation).

Without them I wouldn't have as many opportunities to experiment and test new lighting ideas. For that I am very grateful. Not only do they help me out but they also pick up a couple of pointers along the way because as I photograph them I also bounce ideas off them and teach what I'm doing along the way.

Have a good week everyone and I may or may not post for a couple of weeks as I'll be on a winter vacation so if you don't hear from me I will be back!