Greetings from the "Big Island!"

Aloha everyone! This weeks blog post is a quick aloha from the east side of the big island in beautiful Hawaii. I have been here for a handful of days now and I have seen some great scenery.

One treat for myself (like being here isn't a treat in its self) is I ran into a local landscape photographer who for a fee will double as a guide and a landscape photography workshop. Guess who is going on a one day workshop with a local photographer? Can't wait!

I'll leave you with a couple of iPhone shots till I get back home. I do have all my gear but I do not own a laptop and my iPad is very limited for uploading images from my dslr. Keep a lookout as I may post a few follow up images throughout the week.

I also have my story to tell from the small flash workshop I hosted last week but I won't share that story until I get back.

Take care everyone and to those who already subscribe to my blog I thank you. For those who don't I'd say why not? It's a couple of minutes of light reading and a pic or two!

Till next week Mahalo for reading and aloha. :)