So what happened on the Big Island you may ask?

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. This week I'd like to tell you a bit about my trip to Hawaii's Big Island. I've been back for almost two weeks and I have been sitting on a story I've been meaning to tell. More on that a little later in this blog post.

Among other things I did such as experience "small town Hawaii" ( I was a regular visitor to Pahoa a small town about 15 minutes from my rented vacation house). Other things I experienced and photographed were a lu'au, a fun zip line tour, and snorkeling. Pretty basic touristy stuff I'd say. Right? Well there is one thing I left out.

I went to a small city on the east side of the Big Island more specifically to Hilo HI. There while doing some shopping I found a photographic fine art photography gallery. There I met Bruce Omori who co-owns Extreme Exposure . While there we got to talking about photography and I was made aware of a service they offer. For a fee you could go out for one day or more and shoot local spots that tourists don't necessarily go. I hired him for the "day" Feburary 24 2012 to be exact and we eventually ended up going to two spots. One was a sunrise shoot at a black sand beach and the other earlier shoot (2 am early!) was a trip to the state volcano park Now while we were there shooting and having a good time chatting away our silence was interrupted at about 3:50 am by an earthquake! Now I come from the Canadian prairies. We don't have a whole bunch of earthquakes out our way. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE! The ground "shook" for about 5 seconds or so and so did the building behind us. After that to the rear of us was what sounded like a land slide or another earthquake!

That alone was worth the fee for the day. Let me tell you for those that have never experienced an earthquake and let alone one that you are standing on top of right in front of an active volcano big enough to fit a full sized football field in. It is an unreal experience! I had a great time, picked up a few pointers on landscape photography and took some beautiful images. To be specific the included volcano image and the seascape image I have included were both courtesy of spots Bruce suggested. Bruce showed me a great time and I found him to be an awesome down to earth person. Upon my return trip to the Big Island (likely in 2014) I'll be sure to look him up and go out on another outing. Thanks to Bruce he made an already great trip that much better and I'll never forget my first trip to the big island and the earthquake at the volcano.

That's all for this week. See you all next Sunday.


PS: If you check the link above to the volcano park you'll see there has been volcanic activity likely due to the earthquake we experienced.