What inspires you?

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a great week. Today I'd like to talk about what inspires me photographically. It is a subject I don't think about often but sometimes it crosses my mind when I hit a creative rut. When that happens I'll pick up a book from one of my favorite photographers or simply look at random images online. For instance I'll read something from Scott Bourne's website http://scottbourne.com/ or Chris Marquardt http://chrismarquardt.com/. I'll read a book from one of my favorite people photographers Joe McNally http://www.joemcnally.com/blog/. Another thing I like to do is just get out and shoot a subject that is out of my comfort zone. I'll approach a perfect stranger and ask for permission to take their portrait. Basically I'll try and mix it up. By doing this it puts an element of excitement back into the craft.

I'll attend a workshop, in the past I have attended workshops both locally and out of the province. To me this is a no brainier. Attending a workshop by someone you admire can give you a fresh perspective on your photography. I'll also host and teach a workshop. This is something I hadn't counted on and as it turned out it was a very pleasant surprise. By helping photographers learn a new skill it is a very fulfilling experience and in turn also breathes new life into your own creative outlook. I find it to be equality as beneficial not only to the attendee but also to the presenter.

Inspiration can also be found by looking at family photo albums. Have a look at the people in the photographs. What are they doing? What are they wearing? Are they serious or having fun? Thinking about these things can spark a new outlook on things. Other things that may inspire are going for a walk. Just looking at everyday things for a different perspective can give you an idea for later on. New gear! By buying a new lens such as a fish eye or a lens baby can give you a "flash" of inspiration (no pun intended).

No matter how you look at it, by changing things up once in a while whether you help someone out, attend a workshop, looking at old photos, or just going for a walk. There are ways for you to inspire your creativity. Like the old Nike slogan said. Just do it!