Some thoughts on a great day with a south Sakatchewan photo club.

Happy Sunday everyone!

This week I'd like to tell you a bit about the small flash/ speed lighting workshop I had the honor of teaching last month. I was in Limerick Saskatchewan to present to the Group of Ten photography club They are a small but progressive photo club based out of Limerick in southern Saskatchewan.

While there I presented to ten students and we covered everything to do with small flash from essential gear right on up to working with light modifiers and shooting portraits using simple techniques. All of my students were eager to learn and they asked some great questions along the way.

I'd also like to share a couple of thoughts about the Group of Ten photography club. You see given the smaller membership of the club there was an issue having enough attendees to make the workshop viable. When it became evident the workshop wasn't going to happen an email went out for one final push. The result was a groundswell of support resulting in extra people attending and ultimately making things a go!

All in all it was a great workshop with a fun bunch of ladies. Yes... ten of them to be exact! They are a fun and enthusiastic bunch who really know how to have fun. I sincerely hope to see them all again next year. Ladies, I know some of you will read this blog post and I want to let you know I had a great time and I hope you all found it to be as great a day as I did!

Thanks so much.


PS:Come back next week as I'll have quite a story to tell about my family holiday to Hawaii's Big Island. I took some great photographs and I'll have one "earth shaking" story to tell! See you next week.

By the way here is a photo from my trip. There is more to come next week. :)