An afternoon with the F.T.K. Dancers

Hello everyone!

This week I'd like to share a few words and a few photos from a shoot I did last week for the F.T.K. dancers. The "For The Kids" dancers or the F.T.K. dancers as they are better known are a non profit dance studio for kids aged three to eighteen. They practice out of the Regina Performing Arts Center from September till mid May when at that time have their one big dance recital. F.T.K. Dancers is a great organization and it's a low cost way for kids of all ages to be a part of something special and fun. More information on the organization can be found here.

I have had the honor to work with them for the last 7 years as their videographer and the last 4 years as their dance portrait photographer. Every year I have a great time working with Suzy Papp (the dance instructor) and the all of the kids. Even though I have done it for as long as I have now it is still hard to believe how much the kids change from year to year. It's something I still can't get used to!

Thanks for reading again and I hope to have you back next Sunday for another blog post.

Take care and have a great week. :)


PS: By the way the young lady on the left wearing the stripped tie is my own daughter who has been dancing with F.T.K. for the past eight years! Love you Olivia. :)