Top 5 photography related photography podcasts.

Hi everybody. This week I thought I'd share my top 5 photography related photography podcasts. If you have any photo podcasts you think should be on the list feel free to leave a comment below.

1. TWIT photo.

Twit photo is a internet show that is a part of Leo Laporte's TWIT podcast network. I picked this as #1 mainly because of the shows interesting guests that the show's host Catherine Hall lines up each week. It is not so much a "how to" show than it is a interview type program. Every week is a new guest and with that comes a different take on different aspects of photography from marketing to post processing to main stream photography. As a side note unfortunately the show has been cancelled due to Catherine Hall starting her own show as of this writing. Time will tell if it is of the same quality and production value of TWIT Photo. If you'd like to check out the new show more information can be found here. As for TWIT Photo there are still 66 episodes archived for you to watch and or listen. All are well worth your time.


TWIP not to be confused with TWIT Photo is a current event and Q&A photo podcast that has been running since 2008. The mainstay host of the podcast is Fredrick Van Johnson a former military photographer who over the years has become a very talented and well rounded photographer not to mention a very capable host of TWIP. The show has many different co hosts and is very entertaining. If you are into interviews and like current event style audio programming this is the show for you.

3. The Digital Story

The Digital Story hosted by Derik Story takes the number 3 spot in my top 5 photography related photography podcasts. This is a short form podcast (by short I mean each episode runs around 30 minutes) and usually consists of topics of the day in the host's world photographically. Derrick is a pro photographer based in northern California and is a very entertaining and knowledgeable photographer. If you only have a half hour per week to listen to a photogrphic podcast this may be the one for you. In my opinion my #3 and #4 picks could very well be 3A and 3B.  

4. Tips from the Top Floor

As I stated earlier Tips from the Top Floor just as well could have been my number 3 pick and for good reason. Tips from the top floor is THE longest running photography podcast on the web hosted by the great Chris Marquardt. I am biased to Chris but for good reason. I have attended 2 of his urban photography workshops and I have listened to his podcast for a number of years. Chris is a great photographer, media producer, and runs an awesome photo workshop. If you want to listen to a diverse show on both digital and analogue photography then without a doubt this show should be high on your list.    

5. Camera DOJO

The Camera DOJO photography podcast rounds out my top 5 photography related podcasts. It is hosted by Kerry Garrison who is a professional photographer also based in California. His podcast focuses on photography news, reviews, and tutorials. Where the production value lacks the content makes up for the quality of the podcasts by a mile. The information and topics he touches on are more often than not top notch and is quite worth while listening to.

I hope you enjoyed my top 5 photography podcasts. I truly believe that regardless of your skill level these 5 podcasts have something for you and are well worth your time. If you are looking for some entertainment or just want to learn a tip or trick one or all of these podcasts are for you. Until next Sunday take care and have a great week!

A fun pic with Chris Marquardt at the 2010 Toronto Urban Photography Workshop