waiting for the right moment

Hi everyone and thanks for visiting again.

I know I promised more wedding pictures from last week but I am still in the editing process so I don't have anything to share just yet. Instead I thought I'd share a tip on portrait photography or more specifically waiting for the right moment to squeeze the shutter button.

The next time you are taking someone's portrait take an extra couple of seconds or an extra couple of minutes if need be and see if you don't get that expression or moment you are looking for. In the case of this little fella I waited several seconds between shots as his mom and dad tried to get him to make a face. For the record my little subject just studied me for most of the shoot. He wasn't afraid of me but he did keep an eye on me and this was on of the few times he cracked a smile (looking back at his dad I might add!)

My point is you can't wait for ever but a little patience can go a long way to grabbing a precious moment.

That's all I have for you all this week. I have to get back to editing last week's wedding shoot and I still have a couple of other shoots to work on as well so until next week take care and have a great week. :)