Backblaze cloud backup service saved the day.

Last week I had the inevitable happen to me. I had a hard drive failure. It wasn’t just any hard drive but it was the drive that houses my Aperture library. For those who may not know the aperture vault is part of Apple Aperture, a photo management and editing program for the professional and amateur photographer.

It also happens to be how I manage and edit my 650+ gigabytes of photos I have amassed over the past 6 years. Had I not had a backup plan in place this situation would have meant the loss of all my work to date.

As the title of this blog post suggests this was not the case. You see I have my work backed up three different ways, The first is the original files on my photo library’s (Aperture) dedicated drive, the second is a “Vault” which is stored on my Drobo. The Vault is Aperture’s own built-in backup system. Once configured, it will back up your library with a single click. This can be in addition to any other backup system you may have, such as Time Machine or a cloud backup system like Backblaze.

Unfortunately for me the first two backups failed. My hard drive crashed and my Aperture Vault inexplicably wouldn’t restore. So enter my last resort to salvage everything. Online or “cloud” backup, namely Backblaze.

I simply logged into my account and ordered a portable hard drive of my Aperture library  that i have had backed up through the service for a handful of years now. Delivery was quick (less than 5 business days) and at a cost of about $220.00 CDN it was a bargain to get my photos back on a hard drive that I could just plug in and copy to the new Aperture drive.

Upon receiving my drive I was back up and running in a matter of hours. The moral of this story is regardless of your skill level be it amateur or pro if you value your photos or any other files you deem precious then both a physical and cloud backup should be a part of your backup strategy.

I’m glad it was part of mine.