A beautiful shoot and some kind words.

A couple of weeks ago I shot a photo session for a client of Just Arrived Photography. The session was nothing out of the ordinary as I was sent to photograph a little girl and her family. Turns out the little girl was quite shy. That is where this short story begins.

You see I have a knack of getting little ones to cooperate. I'll admit some shoots are more successful than others but far more often than not I can bring out the personality in a child and help them to let their guard down.

You see I don't want to be strange person in their home with a big camera pointed in their face, instead I want to be someone who is simply there for a short visit who just happens to have a camera in hand.

This was the case with this little sweetheart. She didn't want anything to do with having her photograph taken so the first 20 minutes or so we talked about princesses, cartoons, and ants. (She was fascinated by ants and how small they were not to mention how they were crawling around her grandmother's deck).

After a few unsuccessful attempts at stomping on the tiny ants she was laughing away and forgot why I was there. She then proceeded to show me around the garden and I was able to grab some beautiful candid photos, I even had her look at the camera for a few posed shots.

That explains the first part of the title to the blog post and the second pertains to a very kind thank you note that was sent to Just Arrived Photography. It reads as follows.

 "I just wanted to write a review and advise you on how wonderful Ron was when he came to my place to take photos of me and my family.  He was wonderful with my 3 year old little girl and took the time to get to know her and befriend her resulting in some amazing photos.  He’s all around a good photographer and very kind.  The photos were processed efficiently and he was able to fulfill a special request in which I got him to edit a photo for me and had it online the next day for me.  He was great and I would definitely recommend him and in the future if I need a photographer I will be giving him a call!"

Thank you,

Amanda Solonynko.